Happy Easter to those who celebrate

Hello everyone I’m doing a bit better after my 4th chemo treatment and thought I’d stop by for a quick chat.

Chemo was on April 11th and I managed to get in and out of the Oncologist’s office in a little over an hour.  Not having to go through an ultrasound and x-rays like last time really made a difference.  I was well behaved and let the techs and the doctor do what they needed to do to get me through quickly.

After I got out of the doctor’s office, mom and I headed north, toward home.  She pulled over just north of Phoenix, into Anthem, and said we were going to stop for a break.  She went in to Baskin Robbins and bought a small cup of ice cream.  We drove across the street, into the park, to enjoy it together.

The park is really nice.  It was my first time there, mom’s too.  This is the park that has the Veteran’s Memorial, a uniquely designed memorial of five pillars with slanted/oblong openings at different heights.  These openings are lined up so that on every November 11, at 11:11 AM, the sun shines through the openings and illuminates the Great Seal of the United States on the ground in front of the five pillars.  Now, we were there in the late afternoon in April so of course we did not get to see this beautiful sight; but, it was certainly impressive.

Anyway, there is a lot of soft, green grass throughout the park with sidewalks winding through and around some of the small lakes.  There is a train station, for kids, but the train was not running while we were there.  Besides, there was sign that stated no dogs were allowed on the train.  I think that’s discrimination, but I guess they can do what they want since it is their train.

Mom sat on a bench while I stood near.  I knew what was coming and was excited.  She took the top off the ice cream and gave me a small amount on a spoon.  She ate some as well.  I wanted more and I wanted it quickly, but mom said I needed to slow down so I didn’t get an ‘ice cream headache’ whatever that is.  I got a few more spoons of delicious vanilla ice cream – what a treat!

We finished the ice cream then took a walk around an area of the park.  I enjoyed the shade and the grass.  It was nice to take some time to smell all the different smells that were all around me.  There had been quite a few other dogs through this park, I could tell, and they left all kinds of messages for me.  I did my best to leave some messages of my own, but after a few well-placed messages I didn’t have much left, if you get my meaning.

I had a drink of water before we climbed back in the truck to start for home.  Mom always brings a container of water on our trips.  I’ve become used to drinking our filtered well water.  When I get offered ‘city water’ I tend to refuse it as it smells different.

I’m glad that the days following my chemo treatment were not as bad as before.  Mom has the whole food issue figured out so I was eating grilled beef or turkey burgers right away.  I think having some good food in me helped to get me through the worst part.  I still have to take meds to stave off nausea and to help me get over the diarrhea (sorry about that), but I take those pretty well as long as they are wrapped in a piece of mozzarella.   I should get my sense of taste and smell back a little more over the next few days which means I’ll start eating the chicken mom cooks for me and maybe the scrambled eggs she makes for me each morning.  It just takes a few days for everything to get back on track.


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