The Bridge Talk

We had some time today, to relax, to nap, and to just be with each other.  Mom took some time to lie down next to me on one of my many beds and tell me a story.  She said it was a story she had been meaning to tell me for a while now, but she just didn’t have the words.  Today, she said she found the words.

She talked about a bridge, somewhere in our future, that we would come upon.  When we got to this bridge, she said she was going to have to stay on one side and I would have to go on without her, across the bridge.  Now, I don’t like going anywhere without mom and I told her that I would rather stay with her or that she could walk across with me.  But, she said this was a special bridge, one that she would not yet be able to cross.  Mom said I had to be brave and take the journey without her on that day.  There would come a day, in her distant future, when she would cross the same bridge, but it was inevitable that I would have to cross first, without her.

She talked about how Taz and Joey, and even Othello, would be on the other side waiting to greet me.  You see, they had to cross the bridge before me, also without mom, and when they did, they met some of the others who had crossed before them.  Apparently, there were quite a few before me who lived with mom and dad and had already crossed this special bridge.  I remembered Taz, Joey, and Othello, but didn’t know about the others.

Anyway, she said that Taz and Joey and Othello would show me around and introduce me to everyone else.  There would be soft grass on which I could run and play and I could take naps and eat whatever I wanted.  She mentioned that I wouldn’t have any pain in my knees or hips, and I’d be able to run like the wind.  She also said I would no longer have cancer.  It would always be great weather, no rain or wind, but if I wanted to play in the snow all I had to do was think about it and like magic there would be some snow for me.  I thought that would be pretty neat.

I got a little worried and asked her what I was going to do without her and how would she know I was doing OK?  She said that sometimes, those who have already crossed this bridge, get to come back and visit.  She was sure that Taz and Joey and Othello had visited a few times, but she could not really see them.  She said she felt them, in her heart, and that when it was my turn to visit her, she would feel me in her heart.  She would know that I was nearby and she would smile, sometimes through tears, remembering the good times we had and the love we shared, the love we would always share because we had exchanged pieces of our hearts.

That was a little comforting, knowing that I would still be able to see mom, even if she couldn’t see me.  I just wanted to be sure that she wouldn’t forget me because I know I’d never forget her.

If the thing about exchanging pieces of our hearts is true, and mom has done this with all those who have lived with her, then I guess mom’s heart is pretty big by now.  Not only that, but there must be pieces of her heart in lots of fur babies on the other side of this bridge.  She told me about Rusty, the first Bear, and Wendy who all lived with her when she first moved to AZ.  She talked about Ashley, Papillion, and Rubin who traveled across the country when she and dad drove to their new home.  Then there was Marshall and Mick and Sandy and Annie and Hershey and Angel, all fur babies who have lived in the house and in mom’s heart.  That’s a lot of pieces of heart to hold on to, but mom seems to have managed it pretty well.

We snuggled for a little while after she finished her story.  She mentioned that she hoped we would not get to this bridge anytime soon and that we’d have lots more time together.  I told her I would do my best to stay with her, and dad, for a long time.   I want to make lots more memories with mom and share more of my heart with her so that when the time comes for me to be brave and cross that bridge, a large piece of my heart will stay with her.  I know I’ll be taking a piece of her heart with me when the time comes, but for now I think we’ll just stick close to each other.


12 thoughts on “The Bridge Talk”

  1. I’d sure like to think that all the pets we’ve had to say goodbye to would have even an inkling of this story.
    Some of my worst moments.

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      1. Your story touched my heart–yeah I got “wet” eyes now! Thank you for sharing your story…I have fur angels waiting for me across that bridge..Gadget, Smokey, Shadow, Buffie, Brendle, Abby and more..Loved em all!

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  2. i know my betty kitty (17 yrs old) has visited me at times, i feel her lying on me and where i feel her laying was warm, just like it did when she was still with me. she was with me for almost 17 yrs and i still miss her every day.

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    1. Hi Karen – it’s nice to know that your betty kitty has come for a visit. I’m sure she had a wonderful life with you and now wants to stop in to just say ‘hi’ – I hope you enjoy her visits. When I eventually cross the bridge I’ll be sure to look for her. ❤ Bear


  3. I am just now getting acquainted with Bear and the story, but wanted to send hugs and support for this difficult time. We just let one of our sweeties go to the bridge in February, and it is one of those things that, no matter how many times you do it, never gets easier. It is sometimes hard to stay in the NOW, with visions of the bridge off in the distance. Spending as much time together, taking pictures and making memories, even if it’s just lying on a blanket together cuddling—that’s what matters. Please give Bear a big hug and have a good day together—xo Lisa

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    1. Thanks Lisa – mom and I are doing our best to stay in the NOW and sharing as much time together as we possibly can. I don’t really like to have my picture taken, but mom insists, so I usually let her do it. I was sorry to hear of your fur baby crossing the bridge this year. Thanks for the hug – hope you enjoy your day as well. ❤ Bear


  4. That is a truly wonderful story I am filled with thoughts of so many fur kids that have crossed over who had that talk too and who are missed so incredibly each day forward and I know they are around I feel them too. Now after 50+ yrs in rescue of cats and large breed dogs ,reptiles ,birds….at 60 I seen all adopted or pass over that RAINBOW BRIDGE and I live now with a Very tiny Min Pin who suffers horribly from separation anxiety. And find myself just as attached as she is too me….she was truly a gift. Which is a story in itself.!

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    1. What a very special person you are to have been in ‘rescue’ for so many years. That’s where my mom found me, in an Aussie Rescue group. We are so fortunate to pass through the lives of those who love us so much. ❤ Bear

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      1. Why thankyou Bear that’s too kind I would like to think that I have helped many animals along the way but it was those amazing animals that truly inspired and continue to inspire my efforts . ELLE AND HER BELLARINA🐕💜

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      2. Thankyou Bear and Mom for finding my Animals In Th News Blog at Ellesgot2know I so appreciate your perspective and thankyou for your kind words Bless you and your family and please send me an email and tell me your story and pic I would love to tell your tale and put a link to your blog if you would like that I spend several hours away on my phone after work keeping a promise to my BEEZ to spread the word and help animals as best I can.

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