Interesting Two Weeks

Hello family and friends, I hope you are all doing well.  I know it’s been a couple weeks since I last posted to my blog so let me catch up on what’s been happening with me, my mom, and my treatments.

I had my third IV chemo treatment on Tuesday, March 21st.  Along with the chemo that was scheduled I also had some chest x-rays and an ultrasound of my abdomen.  Oh yeah, the regular blood work that goes with these treatments as well.  As you can imagine it was a pretty full day.

Mom and I left the house about 9:00 AM.  I had mixed feelings about this trip.  I sort of knew where I was going, so while I was happy to be riding in the truck with mom, I was not really excited about where I was going.  We listened to more of Springsteen’s audio book, Born To Run, and I find his voice soothing, as does mom, so the trip was relatively uneventful.

We arrived in plenty of time for my 11:00 ultrasound appointment.  That’s when the fun started.  For some reason, I ended up going in the back right about 11:00 to get ready, or so I thought, for my ultrasound.  Well, when I got back there, the techs drew my blood so they could start those tests, but I didn’t go right to my ultrasound.  I ended up waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  I began to worry about mom, sitting out in the waiting room, probably wondering what was happening with me.  I tried to tell someone that they should go out front to talk to mom and let her know what was happening, but I couldn’t get anyone’s attention.

Apparently, there were a few emergencies at the vet’s office, next door, which was where I was supposed to get my ultrasound.  That’s what was causing the backup.  In the meantime, they took my chest x-rays.  So, my blood work and my chest x-rays were done and we were just waiting on the ultrasound.  Finally, it was my turn.  Remember earlier when I said that I wasn’t too thrilled about this appointment today?  For an ultrasound, they have to roll me on my back in this V-shaped table thing, shave my tummy, and then do the test.  Well, I was having none of it and tried to squirm my way off the table.  No matter how hard they tried I would not lie still.  I was starting to get really scared, I wanted to see my mom, I wanted her back there with me.

They took me off the table and went out to talk to mom, finally!  When they came back I got a shot that made me a little sleepy and very relaxed.  While I was dozing, they must have put me up on that table again because before I knew it I was waking up inside one of the large kennels.  I had to stay in there for quite some time.  I actually lost track of time, it seemed like forever and all I could think about was mom sitting out front, by herself, worrying about me.  Again, I tried to tell somebody to go check on my mom, but I was still so tired I could barely speak.

It took some time, but eventually I was hooked up to my IV chemo treatment.  That seemed to go OK and within about an hour I was bounding out front to meet mom again so we could go home.  I was really, really happy to see her, and she was happy to see me.  She took me outside so I could pee, then gave me some water.  We bring our own water when we take these trips.  I don’t like ‘city water’ and mom said she doesn’t want me drinking it either.

We settled in for our ride home.  While we were driving home mom filled me in on what had happened and the results of all those tests I had to have done today.

First, she said we had been in the oncologist’s office for six hours.  SIX HOURS!  That’s crazy.  She mentioned that someone finally came out to let her know about the emergencies that had happened and why it was taking so long.  She also let me know that my x-rays were clear, which is good.  We certainly don’t want to see any problems in my chest and around my heart.  That was great news.

She also let me know that my ultrasound came back good as well.  The oncologist advised there was no new growth of tumors, no change in anything that was already there.  I guess the chemo is doing its job.  I hope it continues to work and that I’ll have lots more time to spend with mom and dad.

One of the reasons things seemed to take so long was my reluctance to lie still on my own.  When I said I got a shot and then got a little sleepy it was because they had to sedate me in order to do the ultrasound.  They had to tell mom first because she had to sign additional paperwork.  When I was removed from the table the first time, to get the shot, I sort of lost my place in line.  Well, that extended our wait time even further.  By the time I started my IV chemo, after all these tests, it was already almost 4:00 PM.  Keep in mind we left the house at 9:00 AM, arrived a little before 11:00 AM, and I spent most of the day in the back while mom waited out front.  Actually, she said she drove to Whole Foods to get something to eat, but wasn’t gone for more than an hour because she didn’t want to be away in case something happened.

We made it home by 7:00 PM – that was a l-o-n-g day!

After treatment, I was OK for Wednesday and Thursday, but by Friday I didn’t feel well.  I didn’t want to eat much at all.  Mom kept trying different things but most of the stuff she made for me just didn’t smell, or taste, good.  I didn’t really eat much on Saturday either.  Mom had to force some pills down my throat, which I didn’t care for, but I knew it was important.  She said she was sorry each time.  I understood.

By Sunday, she tried something new.  Mom made me scrambled eggs.  You know, they tasted really good so I ate what she cooked.  She was excited I was finally eating and made me another egg.  Then that afternoon she grilled me a hamburger.  Not just any hamburger, but the grass-fed ground beef burgers she buys for herself.  She’s kind of a ‘health-nut’ and tries to eat healthy food, so it was quite special that she made me one of her burgers.  It tasted really good so I ate the whole thing.  It took a few days before I started eating the chicken breast that she cooks for me, but I’ve started back on that as well.

Well, if you couldn’t figure it out yet, my diet has changed a bit.  For breakfast, mom makes me two scrambled eggs mixed with some brown rice and some shredded chicken breast.  For lunch I have more brown rice, more chicken, and a little of my dry U/D dog food.  For dinner mom grills me either a beef burger or a turkey burger and then mixes it with a little brown rice and some of my dry dog food.  I take my meds and supplements wrapped in small pieces of cheese, typically mozzarella or Havarti.  Do you think I’m a little spoiled?  Or maybe mom just loves me a lot.  I’m not sure, but I am enjoying my food again.

After this last treatment, I had some of the same side-effects, but they were not as severe and did not last as long.  It seems like I’ll have more good days between treatments this time around.  That’s good and I know mom is happy about it too.  I have my 4th treatment on April 11 and my 5th treatment on May 2nd.  I hope things go as well as they did this time.


3 thoughts on “Interesting Two Weeks”

  1. Hi Bear.. wow, sounds like your last trip was hard! Sure glad your Mom was with you. I imagine she was very worried! It’s nice to get your behind the scenes info. We human Mom and Dads don’t usually get to go to the back, so neat for us to hear what it’s like.
    Don’t stress too much about your belly hair. Our boy Mylo got his hair cut as well, as it’s getting warmer. He hates it! I must admit, it’s not too much for do it yourself! I’m sure your Mom will attest to the fact that if we came to the academy with a home haircut, we got in BIG TROUBLE! Maybe Traci should have taken that advise..poor Mylo. So, you see, a little less belly hair is easy!
    Sounds like you are eating well..heck, I might come over, just to have Mom cook for me!

    Give your Mom and Dad a big hug for us and make sure you get many back!!

    Aunt Sarah

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  2. Thanks Aunt Sarah – always nice to hear from you. I’m not too worried about my ‘pink belly’ as mom calls it, I know it will grow back. I’m going to try my best to be better behaved for my next visit in April. Mom said I don’t have to have any more ultrasound exams or x-rays, so that’s good. I can probably handle just the chemo. I don’t like being apart from mom for so long, and in such a strange place. It’s a little scary but I’m trying to be brave. Hug all of my cousins for me. I hope I get to camp near you and Traci again, I’d like to visit.


  3. Ohhh Bear you are such a brave little guy and your right your mom loves you so much yours is an incredible story I have
    Been following LIVE LIKE ROO on Facebook that mommy rescued a wonderful dog named Roo he became ill and she did such wonderful things with and for him now she rubs charitable foundation in his honor and they fix boxes with gift for dogs who are struggling with cancer this month is there worldwide Icecreamsocial I will post on my more info you and Mom can check it out stay strong sweet Bear

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