A little information about my home

I’ve been thinking lately, about my life and the things I’ve done and seen over the years.  I wish I could have met my mom and dad sooner so we could have had more time together.  They adopted me when I was about 7 ½ years old, I’m 11 ½ now.  I was in foster care in an Aussie Rescue group in Payson, AZ, for almost six months.  At the time, Taz and Joey were still living with mom and dad, but Taz was getting old and not feeling too well.  Mom and Dad were concerned about Joey and how he would feel when Taz crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  They wanted someone to help him during that time, so they went looking and found me.

It was actually a friend, Heidi, who told mom about Aussie and Friends Rescue, and even found me on their website.  Heidi told mom about me and that she should check out the site and look for my bio.  Mom did and I guess my photo hooked her big time.  Lucky for me as I didn’t know how much longer I was going to have to stay in foster care.  As an older dog that could have been a long time.

Well, my foster parents brought me down to mom and dad’s house for a visit to see how I would get along with Taz, Joey, Dante, Othello, and Maya.  We hit it off right away.  I liked Taz and Joey and they liked me.  While I was visiting, Joey and I settled down in the kitchen, next to each other as if we had been friends forever.  The cats, well they looked at me from a distance, but I really wasn’t too interested in them.

My foster parents spent a few hours with mom; dad was away for the weekend so I didn’t meet him until later.  After a while everyone decided that I was a good fit and mom made a donation to the Rescue and my foster parents left.  I was a little scared when they left, you see they had taken care of me for six months and were all I knew.  This was a new place, with new friends.  I sat near the front door for a few hours after they left, wondering if they were coming back.

Mom tried to tell me that it would be OK, and that this was my new home; but it was Joey who really helped me to not be afraid.  He sat next to me near the front door and told me all the neat things I was going to experience.  He talked about the great food, playing outside on the property, rides in the truck, and about the cats and how they were fun too.  He told me about all the love I would have while I was living here.  He said that was the best part. 

After a few days, I started to settle in to my new home.  Joey was right about everything, but especially about the love.  That’s a photo of me and Joey shortly after I settled in my new home.  He always took the time to talk to me and make me feel welcome.  I miss him.

Eventually Taz crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Joey was a little sad, but we had each other.  It was actually Dante, my new cat brother, who appeared to be devastated by Taz’s passing.  You see, Taz would clean Dante’s ears and all around his head.  Dante apparently enjoyed this tremendously and would seek out Taz for a daily cleaning, sometimes several times each day.  After a few months, I stepped in and started to clean Dante’s ears, and most of his head. 

Joey crossed the Rainbow Bridge about eight months after Taz and I was very sad.  For a few days, I hung my head low and there was sadness in my eyes.  Mom tried to cheer me up with lots of love, as always, and started taking me with her on short trips and errands around town.  We started spending more time together and I started to enjoy life again.  We’ve visited the dog park and I get to go camping now.  I still miss Taz and Joey but I understand why they had to leave.  I know one day I’ll have to leave as well.

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, my cat brother Othello crossed the Rainbow Bridge in April of 2016.  So now it’s just me, Dante, and Maya.  We’re all doing just fine and still enjoying all the love in our household.  Dante comes to me for ear cleaning several times a day.  I like doing that for him.  I hope he will have someone after I’m gone who will step in and clean his ears.  When the time is right, I’m sure mom and dad will open their hearts to another fur-baby in need.  There is so much love in this house I don’t see how they could avoid doing so.


2 thoughts on “A little information about my home”

  1. Bear, .thank you for sharing your introspective which I enjoyed reading……..your Mommy should consider compiling your blog comments into a book with those from your dog and cat siblings….I think of you often and hope every day is a good day for you because you deserve it….xoxoxo


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I’ve talked to mom about putting all this into a book and she has considered it. She enjoys listening to my stories and the stories of my dog and cat brothers. There have been many pass through her life. I agree with you, she should put it all in a book. I’ll keep working on that. Thanks again and I hope you keep following my journey.


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