Bear’s First Blog Entry

Hi everyone, my name is Bear and I’m an Australian Shepherd living in N. AZ / USA.  I’m brand new to this whole blog stuff.  Heck, I just created this blog site a few minutes ago.  It’s neat and I’m sort of proud of myself for being able to navigate through the process.  Then again, my breed is pretty smart.

I’ve heard my mom use the word ‘anthropomorphize’ when she was finishing up her school work and doing lots of academic papers.  She was chided by her instructors not to ‘anthropomorphize’ as she wrote about things that were not human.  It was tough for her to abide by this standard as my mom really, really loves me (and my cat brother and cat sister) and talks to me as if I understand.  Don’t let on, but I do understand, probably more than she realizes.  More about that later.

I’ve decided to start my own blog to help my mom.  You see, we recently got a diagnosis of cancer for me from a vet specialist and my mom is really struggling with her feelings.  I’ve heard her say that perhaps ‘ignorance is bliss’ and it’s probably good that I don’t know I have cancer; but, as I mentioned above, I really do understand a lot more than I let on.  I know she is concerned about me, she’s been crying lately and hugging me a little longer and a little tighter.  I’m not complaining about the hugs, but I’m worried about her and want to help her through this struggle.

I thought, perhaps, writing about it may help.  I’ve heard it said that writing out your thoughts sometimes helps.  And then there is the possibility that there may be someone out there who has been through this and can help me figure out how to help my mom.

I’m not afraid of what is to come.  I know my mom, and my dad, will be with me through anything and everything that happens in the future.  I hope we have a long future together and that we make lots of happy memories.

Anyway, that’s it as far as my introduction and the reason I’ve started this blog.  You probably won’t see me on here every day.  Right now, I’m thinking maybe once a week or as interesting things happen and I can’t resist sharing.



6 thoughts on “Bear’s First Blog Entry”

  1. This is a fabulous idea Bear. We’ll all be here loving you through the process. You see, we all know and see your wonderful communicating skills and will welcome and look forward to all your blogs.


    1. Thanks Linda – I really like going down to the gate to visit with you and Dana when you are walking by. Dana and I have some interesting conversations. He tells me about some of his trips. Keep reading.


  2. Bear..I truly believe in expressing thoughts through the written word! I had a human form of cancer and it really helped me throughout the process..especially when funny little things happened!
    Plus, as humans, we are airways wondering what our pets think!
    I look forward to reading more, but in the meantime, please know that your Mom is one tough lady and will do whatever she can to help you!


    1. Thanks Sarah – I remember you when we visited during a camping trip we took in your area. Your farm was great and I really loved visiting with the animals. I love my mom and I know she’s doing the best she can for me. I’m one lucky dog, as are all of your fur-babies.


  3. Dear Bear,
    I know the path ahead may be uncertain, but know that the love of your friends, esp mommy and daddy will help you along your journey. Its ok to let them hug you longer hold you closer and catch their tears, thats what best friends do for each other. Stay warm and cozy within your home wrapped in all the love.


    1. Thanks Alma – mom says she knows you through Special Olympics. I went to Special Olympics State Games last year and had fun with all the athletes. I did not like the sound of the starter’s pistol though, it scared me. I like the hugs I get from mom and dad, but I am sad that mom cries sometimes. She knows I love her, and that helps a little.


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